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Q: What nation won the most medals at a single winter olympic?
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Which nation won the Most 2010 winter Olympic gold medals in alpine skiing?

German with 3 gold medals.

What is the most gold medals Canada has won in a single winter olympic game?

14 in 2010

What country has the most Olympic gold medals in a single games?

Canada won 14 gold medals in the 2010 Vancouver games - the record for a single Winter games.

What country has won the most winter Olympic gold medals in a single year?

Canada. They won 14 Golds at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Who has won the most medals in a single olympic winter games?

That is Eric Heiden of the United States who won 5 speed skating gold medals at the 1980 Winter Games in Lake Placid.

How many many Olympic medals has Bulgaria won?

Bulgaria has won 213 Olympic medals including the Summer and Winter games. * 207 Summer * 6 Winter

Which country has won the most gold medals in a single winter Olympics?

After the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, the record for most Gold Medals in a single Winter Olympics won by a single nation is 14, held by Canada. Since Canada set this record at a Winter Olympics that they hosted, the most Gold Medals won during a single Winter Olympics by a host nation is also 14.

Which country has won the most winter Olympic medals?

Norway is the country that has won the most number of Winter Olympic gold medals. Norway has a cumulative total of 118 gold medals.

What country has won the most Olympic medals at a single winter Olympics?

The United States won a record 37 medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics: 9 gold, 15 silver and 13 bronze.

How many winter Olympic medals has Ghana won?

Ghana has never won a winter Olympic medal.

Who haves the most medals?

Norway has the most overall out of every winter Olympic games.Though the United States of America has the most medals in the winter Olympic games in Vancouver.

Which athlete has won the most winter Olympics?

Ole Einar Bjørndalen has won the most Winter Olympic medal with 13 total medals. The American with the most Winter Olympic medals is Apolo Anton Ohno with 8 total medals.