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Athlete: Eric Heiden of the United States with 5 speed skating gold medals at the 1980 Winter Games in Lake Placid.

Country: Canada with 14 at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.

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Q: What is the record for most gold medals at winter olympic games?
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What country has the most Olympic gold medals in a single games?

Canada won 14 gold medals in the 2010 Vancouver games - the record for a single Winter games.

Which country holds the record for the most winter olympic gold medals in one winter games?

Canada with 14 at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Who holds the current olympic speed skating record?

Right now Apolo Ohno he got six total medals yesterday at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games

How many medals did Canada win at the 1992 Winter Olympic games?

7 medals.

What is theUS medal count in 1988 Winter Olympic Games?

The US earned a total of 6 medals at the 1988 winter Olympic games.

How many medals has US won in Vancouver 2010?

The US won a total of 37 medals, beating Germany for the record of most medals won by any country in any winter Olympic games.

How many many Olympic medals has Bulgaria won?

Bulgaria has won 213 Olympic medals including the Summer and Winter games. * 207 Summer * 6 Winter

What is the most ever gold medals by one country at a winter olympic games?

Canada at the 2010 games with 14 gold the record breaking gold was for mens hockey against U.S

How many medals did Canada win in the 1998 nagano winter olympic games?

15 medals.

Who haves the most medals?

Norway has the most overall out of every winter Olympic games.Though the United States of America has the most medals in the winter Olympic games in Vancouver.

Which country won the most medals at the winter olympic games?


What country won the most Olympic Medals without e ver hosting the games?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, that would be Hungary with 465 Olympic medals (459 Summer and 6 Winter). Finland is second with 450 Olympic medals (299 Summer and 151 Winter).