What is the length of time is held?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Q: What is the length of time is held?
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What is the length of time a will is held to allow for someone to contest?

That time period varies from state to state. You would need to check your state laws.

How often does Hibbett sports pay employees?

It depends on the position held, length of time at the company, etc.

What is a pause fermata sign?

A sign indicating that a note or rest is to be held. Generally, the note or rest can be held anywhere from the length of time given by the rhythm of the note or rest to as long as the performer desires. A typical length could be twice the marked length, although generally the performer gets to "feel" the appropriate length rather than calculate it mathematically. Also commonly known as a "bird's eye."

Did you hear the mobile phone vibrate when you held it at arms length when you held it against the wooden dowel?


What time should wedding be set for bridesmaid to wear tea length dresses?

bridesmaids can wear tea length dresses anytime of day but most maids wear tea length dresses at weddings that are less formal and probably held during the afternoon or morning

How much time do you lose stopping at stop lights and stop signs?

You don't 'lose' the time ! You simply factor it into the length of a journey - because you should expect to be held at traffic lights for part of your trip !

Can a teenaged driver drive with someone other than a family member?

Yes. The only requirement is that the passenger must have (and has held for a certain length of time) a license themselves.

How long are blood tests good for?

Blood samples can be held in storage for 17 to 180 days. The length of their storage time depends on which enzymes have been added to the sample.

How long is a body held in the morgue?

The length of time a body is held in the morgue can vary depending on the circumstances. Generally, bodies are held in the morgue until they are released to a funeral home or next of kin for burial or cremation. Some morgues have specific guidelines on how long they can hold a body before it must be released.

Is there a legal amount of time you have to pick up a paid for item from a consignment store?

I'm sure that there is probably some local statute or ordnance that addresses "abandoned property" and the length of time it must be held. You will have to check locally.

Why is day trading sometimes known as intraday trading?

Day trading is sometimes known as intraday trading, because there are times a trade can be held for a few minutes or even a few seconds. Trading is done on a daily basis, not held for any length of time.

Where are machinery auctions held in Yorkshire?

Machinery auction held in Yorkshire can be found held by companies such as brown and co, Robin Jessop and YLC. With Yorkshire being predominantly countryside there are venues held the full length.