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If you are thinking of the medal theme song, it is Jasmine Flower.

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Q: What is the instrumental theme song of the Beijing Olympics?
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Nola was an instrumental theme song

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The show's theme song was the instrumental bridge of Eric Clapton's "Motherless Children".

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What are the words to This is the olympic theme song that you always hear but you do not know the words?

Song is evidentally a march or instrumental piece.l To my knowledge there is no Olympics theme song, thogh there asre, of course national anthems of each National team involved. You may be thinking of (Chariots of Fire) again this is an instrumental and does not have words. While the actual song does not have words there was a spoof done in Canada in the 1980s. I don't remember all the words but the question has the begining of them. Sing along to the Olympic Theme which you can listen to here: This is the drum part, this is the drum part This is the Olympic theme song the one you always hear but you do not know the words. This is the Olympic theme song ... ... Skiing, skating, women look like men ... ...

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Probably on youtube, karaoke or Phineas and