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Brown to orange to red

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Q: What is the color of the Olympics race track?
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How long is the Olympics race track?

400 meters

How long was the ancient Olympics race track?

Speed skater Kim Ki-hoon, of South Korea, won the 1000 m short-track race in the 1992 Olympics with a time of 90.76 s. How many milliseconds did it take him to finish the race? How many centimeters long was the race?

How many miles what the ancient Olympics race track?

200 metres.

How many track and field 1000m events are there in the Olympics?

None the 1000 meter race is not contested in the Olympics

How many miles was the ancient Olympics race track?

500 miles

How many miles long was he ancient Olympics race track?

The ancient Olympics race track was 500 miles long.

How many MILES long is the ancient Olympics race track?

About one eighth of a mile.

What color is the flag at the start of the race?

The Green flag is usually waved when race starts and when race is back on when security car leaves the track

What is ski cross in the winter Olympics?

ski cross is a skiing event that athletes have to race on a track with many hills turns and jumps this track is also used for snowboarding.

Track and field in the 2008 Olympics?

Yes there will be Track and Field in the 2008 Olympics.

What event in the Olympics is the furthest in miles?

Track and Field: 50k walk Swimming: 10k open water Cycling: Road race Overall: Triathalon

Is Coroebus the first Olympic Champion?

Yes, he won the Olympics in 776 bc. He was a naked runner and won the race of the 210 yard long track.