What is the best Olympic athlete called?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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ying yang yong /11

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Q: What is the best Olympic athlete called?
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What is the winner of the decalthlon called?

The winner of the Olympic decathlon is called "the best athlete in the world".

Who is the best athlete of the Olympic sport shooting?

Larry Jump is the best of the best

Who is Australia's best Olympic athlete?

Steven Hooker Pole Vaulter maybe

What is an athelete in the Olympics called?

An Olympic athlete or Olympian competes in the Olympics.

What is the best type of breakfast for an Olympic athlete?

A high protein, high carbohydrate breakfast is best for athletes.

What foods can a particular athlete eat so that they do their very best at the olympic games?


What summer olympic event traditionally determines the best all-around athlete?


Who do you think is the best male athlete?

Most will say, especially after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, that Michael Phelps is the best male athlete. He won 8 gold medals; an Olympic record.

Who is the greatest athlete of the 20 century?

The IOC (International Olympic Committee) voted Pele (Edison Arantes do Nascimento) the athlete of the 20th Century, he was voted the best athlete in the world. Not Babe Ruth, or MJ...

Which American Indian athlete won both the pentathlon and the decathlon in the 1912 olympic games and was called the greatest athlete in the world by the king of Sweden?

Jim Thorpe

Which would best help an audience be more emotionally involved in a televised news story about an Olympic athlete who triumphed against the odds?

video of the athlete during the event

What is the simile for the rose petals are as delicate as...?

The rose petals are as delicate as an Olympic Athlete.