What is adult supervision?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: What is adult supervision?
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Does the Easy Bake Oven require adult supervision?

yes a adult supervision is needed

Any sentences including supervision?

The toy required adult supervision.

Are roller skates dangerous for children?

no,if it has adult supervision

What is something a child has the right to do which an adult does not?

A free education. Child support from their parents. Adult supervision.

Can preschoolers paint with latex paint?

yes With adult supervision!

Is it legal to teach a 3 year old how to fight?

not really but what if he/she gets hurt (only under adult supervision not really but what if he/she gets hurt (only under adult supervision of courese!!! (its your kid rite?)

Do you need adult supervision at a Justin Bieber concert?

depends how old you are

When your in FFA are you allowed to touch your rabbit?

Only under adult supervision

If you are sixteen can you hunt with a pistol or assult rifle in Minnesota?

with adult supervision

What actors and actresses appeared in Adult Supervision Required - 2014?

The cast of Adult Supervision Required - 2014 includes: Grace McRae as Daughter 1 Sunny McRae as Daughter 2 Summer McRae as Wife

How effective do you think this effort will be without adult supervision lord of the flies?

Without adult supervision, the effectiveness of the effort in "Lord of the Flies" is limited due to the lack of guidance, structure, and stability that only adults can provide. The boys struggle with power dynamics, conflicts, and maintaining order without adult authority, ultimately leading to chaos and violence. This highlights the importance of adult supervision in maintaining peace and order in a group.

Who oversees the care and treatment of adult and juvenile offenders placed under state supervision by the courts?

If they were placed under STATE supervision, it would come under the supervision of the state department of corrections.