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pink, she says so on her website

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Q: What is Canadian ice skater Tessa Virtue's favorite color?
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Is tessa virtue Canadian?

Yes, she is a Canadian.

What are tessa virtues's siblings named?

I am Zayn Maliks cousin Shamayla and i wear cool addidas converses to school!

What sports does tessa virtue do?

Figure Skating :) Specifically a Canadian Ice Dancer

How does Scott Moir and tessa virtue contribute to Canadian culture?

By donating to Charity's

What is tessa virtue's favorite food?

Pickled peppper s with a side of your mom

Did tessa virtue and Scott moir attend an Olympics other than 2010?

No, the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver were Tessa and Scott's first. They were named as alternates to the Canadian team for the 2006 Games in Turin but did not compete.

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What is the birth name of Tessa Thompson?

Tessa Thompson's birth name is Tessa Dunnington.

How did Scott moir get into the 2010 Olympics?

By winning the national ice dancing championship (with partner Tessa Virtue) at the Canadian Figure Skating Championships in January, 2010.

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