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Q: What does the play Medea have to say about the position of women?
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Why is Medea upset in the beginning of the play?

1. Why is Medea upset in the beginning of the play? 2. What do you think of Jason, that he is willing to leave Medea for the king's daughter? 3. What does Medea say to the Chorus about the plight of women? Is any of what she says relevant to today? 4. Is the Chorus willing to help Medea with what she plans to do? In your own words, what do they tell her? 5. Why does Jason say he went to marry the princess? 6. Do you get the impression Medea loves her children? What from the text makes you think as you do? 7. What does Medea do to the princess, and how does she do it? 8. What does Medea do to her children? Why does she do it? 9. Medea points out several times in the story that she is foreign. How does the story overall make you feel about Greek society? 10. In some versions of the story, Medea flees Corinth and Creon kills her children. Why do you think Euripides wrote the story the way he did instead?

What play did Euripides say nothing is hopeless you must hope for everything?

I'm pretty sure it came from Medea.

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Are medeas actions justifiable?

This is a question of opinion. Some say that Medea's actions are justifiable because Jason has wronged her in marrying the princess. Others say that Medea has overreacted and that adultery is no ground for murder.

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