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Disc Throwing Contest.

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Q: What does Odysseus win during the games at Phaeacia?
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Why are the suitors in Odysseus house?

they are trying to win his Odysseus's wife's hand in marriage

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Odysseus Elytis won The Nobel Prize in Literature in 1979.

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Why does Odysseus rally his men?

To win the war, win the battle, avoid danger, keep up morale.

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What story does Queen Helen tell Telemachus?

Queen Helen tells Telemachus about her time with Odysseus during the Trojan War, mentioning how she was able to deceive the Greek soldiers with her cunning skills. She also talks about Odysseus' intelligence and the strategies he used to help win the war.

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Why is posiden angry with Odysseus?

because poseidon gave him the strength to win the trojanc war, and odysseus didn't thankk him like he promised he would