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Who is the president of i.o.c

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Q: What does IOC stand for an who is the president?
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What does ioc stand for and who is the president of the ioc?

international olympic committe

What is ioc stand for?

International Olympic Committee

Who is the current president of the olympic Association?

The president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is Count Jacques Rogge.

Since when has Juan antonio samaranch been the president of the international olympic committee?

Juan Antonio Samaranch was President of the International Olympic Committee between 1980-2001. He was succeeded by Jacques Rogge who, as of 2009, is the current President of the IOC. Samaranch was given the title of honorary President for Life of the IOC after his retirement.

Is Alex Gilady in the Paralympics 2012?

No, he doesn't participate in sports, he is senior vice president of NBC and IOC president in Israel.

What former IOC president wanted to eliminate team sports and the Winter Games?


What does the country initials BAR stand for?

If you are referring to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) country code, then BAR denotes Barbados.

Who created Youth Olympic Games?

the youth oympic game was created by d internation oympic comitee(IOC) president-jaques rogge in 2001,but was aproved by d member of d 119Th IOC in July 6, 2007.

Interational Olympic committee abbrev?


Who is the President of the IOC?

The International Olympic Committee is based in Switzerland and is the official governing body of the Olympic Games. The current president is Thomas Bach.

Who is the current president of the International Olympic Committee IOC?

As of the 2008 Olympics, that would be Jacques Rogge of Belgium who was appointed president of the IOC in 2001. Previously, he had been an orthopedic surgeon, was a member of the Belgian sailing team in the 1972 and 1976 Olympic Games, and won 10 caps with the Belgian national rugby team. He was appointed president of the European Olympic Committee in 1989 and became a member of the IOC in 1991.

International Olympic comitee?

IOC is considered the supreme authority of modern Olympics. It is a non-profit and non-governmental organization based in Lausanne , Switzerland. Its present president is Thomas Bachand. IOC is responsible for conduct of winter and summer Olympics every year.