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Q: What country inspired the Olympic Games to be brought back?
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When is the olympic flag brought into the stadium?

At the opening ceremonies, the flag is brought in after all athletes have entered the stadium and the host country's representative declares the Games open. The flag is then raised as the Olympic Hymn plays.

What country has hosted the last Olympic games?

The last country to host the Olympic games was England.

What modern event is inspired by the celebration to Zeus from Ancient Greece?

The Olympic Games.

Why were the Olympics in important politically?

The Olympic games were important politically because they allowed leaders time to speak without the pressure of a political event. They also brought together a variety of cultures in a non-threatening setting.

Is lacrosse played in the Olympic games?

lacrosse isn't currently played in the Olympics, but may be brought in at the Londan Olympic games in 2012.

What was the first country that played in the Olympic games?

The concept of the Olympic games began in Greece, and therefore Greece can be considered the first country to participate in the games.

What was the country that hosted the Olympic Games in 1978?

No games in 1978

Why are they using a maple leaf for the Olympic games?

The Olympic team uses a red maple leaf to represent Canada, inspired by the Canadian flag.

What country started the olympic games?


What country's play in the Olympic games?

all of them

In which country did the olympic games starts?


The Olympic Games began in which country?