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Q: What country did larissa latynina represent?
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Which country does larissa latynina come from?


When was Larissa Latynina born?

Larissa Latynina was born on December 27, 1934.

What is Larissa Latynina's birthday?

Larissa Latynina was born on December 27, 1934.

How old is Larissa Latynina?

Larissa Latynina is 76 years old (birthdate: December 27, 1934).

In which olympic events were Larissa Latynina and Paavo Nurmi?

Larissa Latynina wasnt a simmer she was a gymnastand paavo nurmi was a runner!^_- humm.?= = swimming

What nationality is larissa latynina?

Larisa Latynina is a Ukrainian gymnast born in Kherson, Ukraine.

Who has most Olympic medals?

Larissa Latynina

What event did larissa latynina compete in?

She was a gymnast

What did Larissa Latynina do as a young child?

not much

Who has won the most medals at the Olympics?

Larissa Latynina (18)

Who got most number of olympic medals?

Larissa Latynina

Which Russian Olympian won the most medals?

Larissa Latynina