What colours are the Olympics ring?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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green, yellow,blue,red, black

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Green,yellow,blue,blue and black

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Q: What colours are the Olympics ring?
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What do the Olympics ring colours stand for?

it stands for the continents of the world that take place in it.

Why are the Olympics ring these color?

Because every flag has at least one of the colours in it.Interesting thing is that each ring represents a focus of what the Olympics represents. Blue: Participation, Yellow: Competition, Black: Excellence, Green: Unity and Red: Hope.

What does the Olympics ring look like?

IT LOOKS LIKE A SORTA OVAL STADIUM NOTHING REALLY OUT OF THE EXTRODINARY the olympic rings are 5 circles joined together. each ring/circle is a different colour; red, blue, black, yellow and green. these colours are the only colours that can go on a country's flag apart from white.

What country has orange as Olympics colours?

The Netherlands

What colours do South Africa wear in the Olympics?


What the green ring stands for?

Do you mean the green ring as in the olympic rings? if so, the olympic ring colours are the colours they are because every country in the world has at least one of the coulors in their countries flag.

Is the Olympics a five ring circus?


What continent is the blue olympic ring?

The colours of the olympic rings dont represent the continents, they are colours that all the flags have. Not one flag doesnt have an olympic ring colour.

What are the 2012 Olympics colours?

black , blue, green , red and white.

Why do they ring cow bells at the Olympics?

They ring cow bells to show spirit

How many countries competed in the Olympics for the past ten years?

There are 5 Olympic rings because it represents the union of the 5 continents. The colours of the ring are simple the colours of each country that has participated since 776 BC.So every year 5 continents participate in the Olympic games. For the past ten years.

What was the original colours of the Olympics rings?

Blue, Black , Red , Green , Yellow