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They mean unity. Every country in the Olympics has at least one of the colours in the rings

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Q: What are the specific colors in the Olympic rings signify or mean?
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What do the colors of the 2012 olympic logo signify?

Every country who takes part has at least one of the Olympic rings colours in its flag.

What do the Olympic rings that appear on the flag signify?


What do the 5 rings on the olympic flag signify?

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What do the five Olympic gold rings signify?

the 5 Regions

Does the colors on the Olympic rings ever change?

no the colors of the olympic rings nevr change because they are symbolistic the only time when they might change is when one of the major countries leave the olympic games

What colors do the 2008 olympic mascots represent?

The same colours as the olympic rings.

Why are the Olympic rings those colors?

the Olympic rings representpassion,faith,victory,workethicandsportsmanship

Why are the rings the colors?

The olympic rings? The rings represent the original 5 continents, every flag in the world has at least one colour of the Olympic rings in their national flag.

What does the ditloid 5 or mean?

5 Colors On The Olympic Flag

How many circles make up the Olympic motto and what does the different colours in the motto signify?

there are 5 Olympic rings and all the colours that are in the rings are the colours of the countries flags in whom are participating

What do the Olympic rings stand for what do the colors stand for?

There are 5 interlaced rings. The 5 rings and their colors represent the five continents of the world, united by Olympism

What does The Yellow olympic ring mean?

The Rings symbolize each geographical area. Each country within these areas has a minimum of one colour on the emblem in their national flag. No one ring has any specific meaning. There were 5 countries and so 5 different coloured rings.