What are some common latin law terms?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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res: the "thing" involved in the lawsuit res adjudicata: something that has already been proved in the case and may not be challenged (used by judges to convince trial lawyers to shut up about it already) res ipsa loquitur: the thing speaks for itself (used pretty much the same way as res adjudicata is used except that when using this phrase, the judge usually waves his gavel at the offending attorney) mens rea: a guilty mind, a component of criminal intent ( taken from a long running series of plays in ancient Rome called "Jus et Ordinatio:Mens Rea" which starred Vincentus Donofrius) nunc pro tunc: doing something now as if it had been done before (usually used when someone screwed up by not doing something that should have been done earlier; in other words a "legal time machine") locus in quo: the place in question, also used to mean the scene of the crime (like where you're reading this right now) amicus curiae: friend of the court; where the court allows an organiztion that is not a party to a lawsuit put in its own two cents (This is a one-way relationship though. Courts are not very friendly to friends of the court because they just file more briefs saying the same things all the other lawyers in the case have said in their own briefs) pro hac vice: when an out-of-state lawyer is allowed to practice in another state for the sole purpose of trying a specific trial (there is no truth to the rumor that the word "hac" refers to the lawyer or that if it did that it is misspelled) et ux: abbreviation for "et uxor" meaning "and wife" Used to be used in old deeds when property was conveyed to a man and his wife. The deed would give the man's name then et ux. A lawschool classmate once gave me and my bride a wedding present in the form of a check to "Rlenahan et ux"; the look I got from the uxor could be in the latin dictionary for "mens rea". Fidem clam scit: He secretly knows the faith (Actually this is not a legal term but was used as a password in ancient Rome to get into illegal speakeasies. Pronunciation of the letter "c" in "scit" is practically silent, almost like an "h")

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Q: What are some common latin law terms?
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Why did the Greeks strongly influence our languege?

Greek and Latin is used for scientific terms and in law. The words with “ology” is Latin for the “ study of” .

What is the most likely reason that American law has many Latin terms?

American law has its roots in British law. In turn, British law can trace its history back to the time of the Roman occupation in some cases. However, many of the British laws were written in Latin, being the language of scholars and academics in the country for many centuries after the Romans packed up and left. Although much of the Latin is being removed from British law, some still remain and are likely to remain as they are effectively adopted into the English Language. The same is the case in the US where Latin terms are perhaps sounding strange these days but remain perfectly understood.

What has the author Umberto Albanese written?

Umberto Albanese has written: 'Il latino giuridico' -- subject(s): Latin language, Law, Law Latin, Terminology, Terms and phrases

What has the author Karl Luggauer written?

Karl Luggauer has written: 'Juristen-Latein' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, German, Latin language, Law, Law Latin, Terminology, Terms and phrases 'Habemus papam' -- subject(s): Popes

De defacto family?

Answer defacto is a latin term that means in practice or in fact but not necessarily ruled by law. Example is with maybe common law marriage. There would be a de facto family because they are living together as a family but would not have the legal binding such as a real marriage would. In some states, a common law marriage can have some of the same legal rights as a formal marriage and there are stipulations of what constitutes a common law marriage. Hope this helps.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the common law?

some weakness OS common law mariage

What are some differences between common-law marriage and domestic partnership in North Carolina?

As of 2014, North Carolina doesn't offer either common-law marriage or registered domestic partnerships. In general legal documents elsewhere, these terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

Why does the Catholic Church and someone who studies medicine and law use Latin?

When Rome took over nearly all of what is now Europe, the common language for all educated people was Latin and continued to be so for many centuries. The Church translated all of her founding documents into Latin and everything she issued from that time forward was in Latin, it is still the official language of the Church. Medicine and Law were originally all in Latin, it was the only common language that all the educated people had in common. Latin also is the root language of all the Romance languages, and English has many words directly from Latin.

Legal principles or laws based in customs and traditions?

It is important to know legal terms and their definition. Custom law is the law based on standards and customs.

What are the terms and conditions of Barclaycard?

Barclaycard has a very long list of terms and conditions for usage. Some of these terms and conditions include no warranty, no liability and the terms of governing law.

Is Latin spoke in Britain?

No, English is spoken in Britain. However there may be a few instances where Latin is used such as in law, (the same as in America). Latin for the most part is the language of science, some medicine and law. The only country where is is spoken and "official" is the Vatican.

What do the Latin roots jur jud jus mean?

It means law or justice. Some examples are: judge, judicator, and jusgentium.