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Q: What are four individual competitive events a student may enter in fbla?
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List four individual competitive events a student may enter in FBLA?

Accounting 1 Accounting 2 Business communications Business Caluclations

Draw dfd atleast upto 3rd level for a student's information system?

First level: The main process is "Manage Student Information." Sub-processes include "Add Student Information," "Update Student Information," and "Delete Student Information." Second level: Under "Add Student Information," sub-processes could be "Enter Student Details" and "Save Student Information." Third level: Under "Enter Student Details," activities could include "Enter Personal Information," "Enter Contact Information," and "Enter Enrollment Details."

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Only student council and teachers know it.

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pls wat are the grades to enter into the university of ghana

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Admission to The University of British Columbia is competitive for all programs.

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What does a student card allow you to do?

A student card is an ID card for school. I have one for the high school I attend currently. Its a way of keeping track of attendance, because you usually have to swipe your card when you enter the building, and its a way of security so that no strangers can enter the school, only those with a student ID card specifically for that school can enter.

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