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Q: What animal was sacrificed in the Olympics on the middle day of the games and for what purpose?
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What is the Olympics flag used in medieval period?

There were no Olympics, and so no Olympic flag, in the Middle Ages.

How serious was the Olympics in ancient Greece?

Ancient Greeks were very serious about the Olympics that even when they are in the middle of a war,they will actually stop what there doing and go and play in the Olympics!

Do animal cells have middle lamella?

Animal cells do not have middle lamella. This is only found in plant cells but the animal cells have micro filaments.

Why are the Rio Summer Olympics being held in the middle of winter?

Good weather

What was the purpose of the Middle Ages?

the middle ages didnt have a purpose. they were a time period. im not really sure when, but it was the time of knights and lords and ladies and stuff llike that.

Is The purpose of the middle ear is to interpret sound.?


What is the middle of an animal cell called?

The Nucleus

Did the Olympic torch ever blown out in the middle of the Olympics?

yes more than once! :P

What flag is used to represent Africa in the Olympics?

The flag used to represent Africa in the Olympics was green. A silhouette of Africa was located in the middle with yellow stars making a circle around it.

What does mesozioc era mean?

" Middle Animal " era.

What is a five letter animal that has ESE in the middle?


What countries were invloved in the first Olympics?

The first Olympics were held in Greece but only slaves from different regions of Africa and the middle east competed as a source of entertainment for the Greek high class.