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Q: Was the idea of the Olympic games altered as it diffused?
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What rankings are Ukraine in the Olympic games?

I have know idea

Who revived the idea of the olympic games in 1894?

mr boo

Who thought of the idea of the Olympic games?

perrie baan cobeton

Who idea it was to start the olympic games?

The Greeks in 776 BC.

Who revived the idea or the Olympic games?

Pierre de Coubertin revived the idea for the modern Olympics in 1889 and seven years later the first modern Olympic Games were held at Athens, Greece.

Who had the idea of starting the Olympic games again?

Baron De Coubertin

The Olympic Games were founded by whom and when?

The Greeks started the Olympic games. Not sure who's personal Idea it was or the exact date the 1st games were held but I do know it was around 700 B.C.

Why were the olympic games reintroduced in 1896?

Because it was a great idea for marketing and for symbolism.

Where would guests stay in the ancient olympic games?

I have no idea! I need the awnser to myself!

What is the aim of the Olympic games?

The Olympic Games Movement was an idea that came out of Paris in the 1880s. Specifically, the movement stated that the Olympic games should be resurrected because they give athletes a chance to push their bodies to the limit, and allow athletes to compete with the very best on Earth.

Name the number of athletes taken part in every olympic games?

I have no idea haha lol

How did the idea of olympic come up?

In ancient Greece, when they decided to host the games in honour of the gods.