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Tennis and diving are both part of the Summer Olympics. Tennis was a part of the first modern Olympics during the summer of 1896. It was taken out of the Olympics in 1922 and restored to the Summer Olympics in 1988. Diving became a Summer Olympic sport in 1904.

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like anything else in the olympics, tennis and diving are origanal sports

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nehw i saw a retsgnuoy

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Q: Tennis and diving occur in these Olympics?
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Tennis and diving occur during these Olympics?

yes, in the 2008 Olympics, diving AND tennis occured. WhOOOOO

What is china best at in the Olympics?

Table Tennis, Diving, Gymnastics

What sport did China do in the Olympics?

They did almost every sport, but dominated in Table Tennis, Diving, and Weightlifting.

What is the oldest sports in the modern day Olympics?

archery, cycling, football, gymnastics, swimming, diving, hockey, synchronized swimming and tennis

Who was Tom Daley's diving partner in the Olympics?

In the 2012 Olympics he is diving with Peter Waterfield.

Name 10 sport that are in the Olympics?

swimming, archery, triple jump, 200 m run, hurdles, 100 m, badmington, tennis, diving, football.

When was table tennis first in the Olympics?

Table tennis was introduced to the olympics in 1988.

When was tennis added to the summer Olympics?

Tennis was a part of the original modern Olympics that were started in 1896. Tennis was an Olympic sport until after the 1924 Olympics when it was dropped. Tennis, again, became an Olympic sport beginning with the 1988 Olympics.

How high in the diving board in the Olympics?

Diving events at the Olympics are held at 3 meters (springboard) and 10 meters (platform).

What year was tennis first in the Olympics?

In first hit the headlines that tennis was in the Olympics was in the year of 1896.

Why did the olympic committee eliminate tennis after 1924?

Why did the Olympics Committee eliminate tennis after 1924?

How many women competed in the 1912 Olympics?

53 ... 14 in diving, 27 in swimming, and 13 in tennis. You'll notice that 14+27+13 equals 54 and not 53. Greta Johannson of Sweden competed in both swimming and diving at the 1912 Games.