Sister ship of the Olympic

Updated: 10/26/2022
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The Titanic and Britannic were the sister ships of the Olympic

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Q: Sister ship of the Olympic
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Is there a ship called The Olympic?

There was a ship called the Olympic. She was the sister ship of the Titanic. She ran from 1911 to 1935.

Who was the sister of the Olympic ship?

The sister of the RMS Olympic was the RMS Titanic, which sank in 1912.

What was rms Titanic's sister ship called?

The Titanic sister ship was The Olympic and the Britannic

What sister ship of the Titanic made the record time to America?

The Olympic was the sister ship of the Titanic.

What was the name of the other ship built alongside the titanic?

The ship is known as R.M.S. Olympic. The Olympic was Titanic's sister ship.

What was titanics ship sister?

The Britannic and the Olympic

Is the RMS Olympic a real ship?

The RMS Olympic was indeed a real ship. It was the sister ship to the RMS Titanic. It was retired in 1935.

Did the RMS Titanic have any sister ships?

The Titanic's sister ships were called the Olympic and the Britannic. The Olympic was the 'lead ship' and built first. The Britannic was built after the Titanic and was originally going to be called the Gigantic.

Were there two titanic?

Sort of, there was a ship called 'Olympic' (Titanic's sister ship) which was almost exactly the same as Titanic. Unlike its sister, Olympic had a long career before being scrapped in the 1930s.

What is the R.M.S Olympic?

The R.M.S Olympic is a lead Olympic class liner orinally made as a sister ship to R.M.S Oceanic.

Whom are Titanic's Sisters I mean the sister ships?

The name of the Titanic's sister ship was the Olympic.

What was Titanic's sis called?

Titanic's sister ship was named the Olympic.