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Q: In what month is the last night of the proms traditionally held?
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What DAY are proms usually held on in America?

march or april.

Where are Japanese parties traditionally held?

Many Japanese parties and festivals are traditionally held at local shrines.

Why are proms held in big places?

because there is a its normally held for a school calendar year and a 300 people in a year and girls have big dresses

Are Emmys always on Monday?

The 2018 Emmys were held on a Monday to avoid conflict with Sunday Night Football, which also aired on NBC. However, the Emmys are traditionally held on Sunday evenings.

When is the annual Eurovision contest held?

According to Wikipedia, the Eurovision finals are "traditionally held on a spring Saturday evening." It more often than not is held during the month of May. Read more about the Eurovision via the Related Link.

Why do people have prom and do you have to go?

People hold Proms for fun usually. Sometimes Proms are held to tighten relationships between people. You don't have to go to Prom, but going may buy you a girlfriend/boyfriend.Hope I helped!

What is an American prom?

It is a high-school dance held during your last year (some are junior-senior proms, held between your next-to-last and last years).

Must national elections be held in November?

No they do not have to be in november...traditionally that is what it has become

Who did establish Rome?

It is traditionally held the Romulus and Remus founded Rome.

Why is that nutrition month is only held in the month of July?

because that is the month that they want it to be in

What events can be held at The Circuit Center and Ballroom in PA?

There are many events that can be held at The Circuit Center and Ballroom, including weddings, high school ceremonies and proms, meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, trade shows, and banquets.

Miss Bhopal contest held recently?

it held on which month