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Athletes do not get paid for winning any of the medals. It is the honor for them and their country. Some do get endorsements from various companies like Nike, but for most they go home to their normal lives.

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Q: How much do the us athletes get paid for winning silver and bronze medals?
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In the 1896 Olympics what colour were the medals given to the winning athletes?

1st Place: Silver 2nd Place: Bronze

How many athletes from Thailand are competing in the 2012 Olympics?

Thailand sent 37 athletes competing in 15 sports, winning two silver medals and one bronze.

Type of medal the top athletes take home?

Bronze,silver and Gold are 3 of the top medals athletes get Gold being the best Silver in 2nd and Bronze in 3rd.

What was the first country to win the modern Olympics?

If you consider wining the most medals to be "winning", then it would be Greece - they won 10 Gold 17 Silver and 19 Bronze medals in the 1896 Summer Olympics. The USA won 11 Gold, 7 Silver, and 2 Bronze - so if "winning" is getting the most Gold's, then the USA "won" - albeit with less than half the total medals won by the Greeks. Note: the medals awarded to the winning athletes were actually silver with runners-up getting a copper medal

What prize do modern Olympic athletes receive?

the recieve medals bronze silver and gold

What events did Finland compete in in 2012 olympics?

Finland had 55 athletes and competed in 13 sports and entered over 50 events winning a Silver and 2 Bronze Medals.

Achievements of the Caribbean Athletes?

In the 2012 Olympic Games, Caribbean athletes won a combined 15 gold medals, 12 silver medals and 18 bronze medals. Cuban athletes won the most gold medals with five, followed by the Jamaican athletes with four.

How many australians are competing in the 2012 London Olympics?

Australia was represented by a team of 410 athletes and competed in 23 sports winning 9 gold 16 silver and 12 bronze medals

How many countries participated how many events played in London 2012 Olympics?

204 countries in 302 events from 26 sports and 39 disciplines with over 10,0000 athletes winning 962 Medals including 302 Gold Medals 304 Silver Medals and 356 Bronze Medals

How many medals has colombia won in 2012?

The Colombian Olympic Committee sent 104 athletes to the Olympics. The athletes won 1 Gold, 3 Silver, and 4 Bronze Medals for a total of 8 medals won

How many medals have Kenyan athletes won in the Olympics?

Kenya has won 75 Olympic medals (22 gold, 29 silver and 24 bronze).

How many Irish athletes attended the 2012 Olympics?

Ireland had 66 athletes in 14 sports and they won 5 medals including a Gold Medal, Silver Medal, and 3 Bronze Medals.