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Q: How much do olympic horse riders get paid in pounds?
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How much do olympic dressage riders make?

How much Olympic dressage riders make will depend on how they place in competitions and any sponsorships they receive. Some can make millions, while others make significantly less.

How much does a horse racer have to weigh?

A jockey is usually under 110 pounds. Some mounts call for lighter weights! Exercise riders can be a little bit bigger than that.

How much is as horse in newzealand?

Well that depends on the quality of the horse and how much training it has. If its like a Olympic horse it will be expensive

How much is a olympic ticket?

its a round £20 pounds. :)

How much in sterling to enter olympic park?

ten pounds

How much is it to booster a horse in pounds?


How much does the horse fallabellas cost?

from 1,000 pounds up to 10,000 pounds

How much does a grown draft horse weigh?

A grown draft horse will typicaly weight from 1500 pounds up to 3000 pounds.

How much does an Abaco horse weigh?

1,000 pounds

How much the olympic games 2012 are costing?

Around 11 billion pounds

How much was the most expensive ticket for olympic 2012?

30 billion pounds

How much does an olympic curling stone weigh in pounds with handle?

42 lbs.