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Q: How many teenagers are Olympic competitors?
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What are Olympic competitors called?

Olympic competitors are called Olympiads.

How many competitors in the NZ Olympic team?


How many competitors for the 2012 olympic rhythmic gymnastics?


How many 2012 summer olympic competitors are there from Denmark?

1,234,693,480 from Denmark

Has Russia ever sent competitors to the olympic games?

Russia has sent competitors to most of the Olympic games

How many competitors are in an Olympic weightlifting competition?

The number of competitors depends on how many countries send athletes for that particular Olympic sporting event. In weightlifting there is also many weight classes. In the Olympics there are 7 weight classes for the women and 8 for the men. Each has a varying number of competitors.

How many competitors will compete at the London Olympic games?

Ther is over 360!

How many competitors competed at the first modern olympic games?

521 athletes

How many competitors at the Beijing Olympic Games?

10,700 athletes attended from 204 countries

What are the different Olympic events that competitors can take part in?

in the Olympic sports

How many athletes are Germany sending in the 2012 olympic games?

392 competitors from Germany in 2012 at London.

Which individual olympic event has the most competitors?