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Q: How many portholes did the ocean liner olympic have?
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How many portholes did titanic have?

Titanic had over 2,400 portholes.

How many portholes in a line are on the Titanic?

there were 3 working portholes but they put the fouth there to make it look better

How many miles for ocean liner to turn around?

4.5 miles

Who many windows he titanic have?

The number of windows is undetermined but Titanic had over 2,400 portholes.

What is the fastest ocean liner?

The fastest ocean liner was the "SS United States." Its top speed is 44.7 knots (51.44 miles per hour). It is currently rusting away in the Delaware River near Philadelphia. It has not been in service in many, many years.

How many portholes in the nightmare before Christmas?

You mean in the trees? There are three.

How many windows were in the titanic?

The number of windows on Titanic is undetermined but Titanic had over 2,400 portholes.

Why was Titanic said to be luxurious liner?

Titanic was thought by many to be the most luxurious ocean liner of its day. Some have compared the accomodations and facilities to be similar to a 5-star hotel.

How many miles for an ocean liner to turn around?

4.5 miles

Why did people on the tianic want to go to New York on the titanic?

They wanted to go to America in general. The Titanic was an ocean liner that many rich and famous people in that time were traveling on and it was said to be the largest ocean liner-and it was-and so people wanted to have said that they traveled on the grandest ship that sailed the ocean.

Where can you hear music in an ocean liner?

You can typically hear music in various venues on an ocean liner, such as the onboard theater, lounges, bars, and sometimes even on deck during special events or parties. Many ocean liners also feature live music performances by bands, solo artists, or DJs throughout the day and evening for passengers to enjoy.

What happened to the Prench ocean liner SS Paris?

The ship was sunk at her pier at le harve . Many years past and soon the ship was raised and sold for scrap.