How many medals has ian miller won?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Q: How many medals has ian miller won?
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How many silver medals has Ian Thorpe won at the Olympics?

ian has 100000 silver medals

How many olympic gold medals has Ian Ferguson won?

Canoeist Ian Ferguson had won 4 Olympic gold medals.

How many gold medals has Ian thorpe won overall?


How many gold medals did Ian Thorpe have?

Ian Thorpe has won five olympic gold medals (as of the 2008 olympics). He has a total of eleven world championship gold medals.

How many Liverpool players have won world cup medals?

Ian Callaghan and Roger Hunt

How many Olympic medals has Bode Miller won?

Bode Miller has won 5 medals in The Winter Olympics, more than any other American. He has won three silvers, one bronze and one gold. In the World Championships he has also won five medals, this time getting four golds.

Who has won the most Olympic medals for Australia?

Ian Thorpe

How many medals has bode miller won in the Olympics?

5 (G,S,B) (1,3,1)

Which Australian won 5 Olympic Gold Medals?

Ian Thorpe.

Ian Thorpe won 5 gold medals for what?


How many medals did Bode Miller win at the 2010 Winter Olympics?

Bode Miller won three medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.Gold (Super Combined)Silver (Super-G)Bronze (Downhill)

What has Ian Thorpe won?

Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe has won 5 Olympic gold medals (also 3 silver and 1 bronze), 11 World Championship gold medals, 10 Commonwealth Games gold medals, and 9 Pan Pacific Games gold medals. nothing