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Q: How many medals did Wu minxia win in diving?
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How many diving medals did China win in the 2008 Summer Olympics?


How many diving medals did the United States win in the 2008 Olympics?


What sport did Matt Ryan win two gold medals at the Barcelona Olympics?

swimming and sky diving

How many medals did the British diving team get in the 2012 Olympics?

The Women did not win any and neither did the Men except for the Bronze by Tom Daily for 10 m platform

How many medals did Emily little win 2012 Olympics?

She did not win any medals

How many gold medals does china have in the olympic?

7.Of the 8 diving events at the 2008 Summer Games, the only one China did not win was men's platform which was won by Matt Mitcham of Australia.

How many medals did Pakistan win?

they won sixteen medals

How many medals did the us win in Beijing?

110 medals.

How many medals did Zimbabwe win in 1996?

Zimbabwe did not win any medals at the 1996 Olympic Games.

How many medals did France win in boxing?

France did not win any medals during the 2012 Olympics

How many medals will south Korea win?

10 gold medals

How many medals did Italy and Greece win?

they won a lot of medals