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Q: How many digits to the right of the decimal point use to record the winning time of 100m dash in each of the Olympics?
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Number of medals winning nationsis one of the record in 2008 Olympics?


What is the world record in 1995 for memorization of the decimal places of pi?

The world record in 1995 was 42,195 digits. It has since been improved to 67,890 digits.

Who holds the record for winning the highest number of gold medals in one Olympics?

Michael Phelps

What is Olympics mark spitz famous for?

Winning the most gold medals in the olympics. That is, until Michael Phelps came along and beat his record.

Whose record did phelps break by winning 8 gold medals in Olympics?

He broke Mark Spitz record of 7 gold medals.

How many digits of pi has the Guinness World Record holder memorized?

The Guinness World Record holder for memorizing the most digits of pi is Rajveer Meena from India, who memorized 70,000 decimal places.

Whose record did Michael Phelps surpass by winning 8 golds at the 2008 Olympics?

winning 7 gold medals in 1 olympic games by mark spitz

What did Janet Evans do before winning three gold swimming medals at the 1988 Olympics?

PCH=A world record holder?

What is the current record of memorization of the decimal places of pi?

In 2005, Lu Chao of China set a world record by reciting the first 67,890 digits of pi from memory.

How many decimal digits of pi are there?

There are infinitely many. In October 2011, Alexander J Yee and Shigeru Kondo has calculated 10 trillion (and 50) digits. That is the record as at the time of writing this answer (June 2013).

What record did ian thorpe world record break?

Ian Thorpe broke the world record in the 400m freestyle at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, winning the gold medal in a time of 3:40.59.

Who holds the record for winning the most medals in a single Olympics?

Micheal phelps with 8 golds in 2008 and 6 golds ad 2 bronze in 2004