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Q: How many colour triangles does Beijing Olympics flag have?
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Who carried the flag for Beijing in Beijing Olympics?

Yao Ming

Who carried Australia's flag in the Beijing Olympics?

james tomkins

Which flag was lowered at the end of the Olympics in Beijing?

All of them >:D

Flag carrier for Romania at the Beijing Olympics?

Valeria BeÅŸe (handball)

Who carried the Austraian flag in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics?

James tonkins

Why was the Scottish flag banned at Beijing Olympics?

It is because only flags of participating countries are allowed to be flown at the olympics. Scotland does not enter the olympics, Great Britain does, so only the Union Flag is allowed to be flown.

Who carried the NZ flag in the last Olympics opening ceremony?

Mahe Drysdale 2008 Beijing Nick Willis 2012 London

How many triangles on the Australian flag?

There are no triangles.

Why can't Taiwan use their flag at 2008 Olympics?

Because China doesn't think Taiwan is a country, although we have everything we need to be a country. China thinks Taiwan belongs to them, so especially in the BEIJING OLYMPICS, china won't let us use our flag.

Why have rings as the Olympics logo?

each country that takes part has one colour of its flag on one of the five rings

What is the flag that has two triangles as a flag?


How many triangles does the UK flag have?

There are 8 triangles.