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It should be lessthen five seconds at the most.

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Q: How mach time can you take for a throw-in in a soccer game?
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How many steps do you take in a soccer game?

You take about 340 steps per soccer game including kicking, sprinting and how much of the game you are in it.

Can you take cameras to a soccer game?


When does the El Salvador vs Ivory Coast soccer game take place?

it does not. game was canceled

Is it safe to shower before a soccer game?

Yes its 100 percent safe to take a shower before a soccer game. I Do It When Ever I need and Play with refreshing happiness :-)

How long does a professional soccer game take to complete on tv?

a full professional soccer game lasts 90 minutes. but on television you have to take into account all the comercials. so somewhere around three and a half hours

How do you relieves stress play soccer?

Playing soccer can be a stress reliever because it is an easy sport to get anger out. Also soccer is a complicated game to take your mind off things.

How much people does it take to play in a soccer game?

22 with 11 on each side.

How can I become a soccer coach?

Play the game, study the game, start at a lower level, take classes in sports science.

Where did the first game of soccer take place?

Modern soccer was first codified in England, so it stands to reason that the intercollegiate matches played in England were the first.

How is a soccer game divided?

American soccer games usually have two halves, and in the middle of the game, there is a halftime for players to take a break, get some water, etc. Hope this helped!

How many players from each team take the field in a soccer game?

11 players (including the goalie) take the field from each team.

How do you complete the snake game on

stop while you still can. This game will consume your life. The real seceret is to know that there is no snake, and there is no mice. All there is is a soccer ball. We all live on the soccer ball and it spins out of control. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!