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First of all... Its does not dose.. the definiton of Dose is a quantity of medicine prescribed to be taken at one time. I am surprised you made it out of school **.

Anyway. the game lasts for 2 1/2 hours. (:

**=I am 11..

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Q: How long does a hockey game go on for in the Olympics?
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When does a shootout apply in a hockey game?

a hockey game shootout starts at the end of a game ends in a tie they go overtime(who ever scores first) then go on breakways (shootout) a hockey game shootout starts at the end of a game ends in a tie they go overtime(who ever scores first) then go on breakways (shootout)

How long does the modern Olympics go on for?

Modern Olympics go on for roughly a month.

Who created the game hockey?

Canadians... Go Sens

How long does the average hockey game last?

A regulation hockey game consists of 3 periods that last 20 minutes each and 15 minute intermissions between periods. Each period with stoppages can go for about an average of 30-35 minutes. Therefore a hockey game will typically last about an hour and a half to two hours.

Is Canada the best hockey team?

From my opinion... No Canada is not a team in the NHL only the Olympics BTW and GO USA!

What is the converse for the sentence if you like hockey then you go to the hockey game?

converse is a shoe. you want the inverse, and you're an idiot.

How many teams did the male Canadian hockey team beat at the 2010 Olympics?

They lost only 1 time... GO CANADA!!

How do you set up a hockey game in club penguin?

you get friends and go play

How long did the Olympics go away for?

The Olympics were discontinued in AD 393 by the Roman Emperor Theodosius I due to their pagan roots. They were revived in 1896 in Athens, Greece, and have been held regularly since then.

Who loves hockey?

Everyone! But mostly boys... I think it doesn't matter at all...I'm a girl..and I love hockey and play hockey too...almost every year we get more and more girls who want to play hockey in a more competitive way.... boys hockey is the same.. but of course there are a lot more boys playing hockey..boys go to the NHL..girls go to the matter if your a girl or a boy..just believe in yourself and have a blast or FUN...!!

Where can I go online to get cheap hockey tickets?

If you want to go to a hockey game in New York, you could further ahead of time purchase tickets at Ticket Master outlets online.

How do you say Do you want to go to a hockey game this weekend in SPANISH?

Quiere ir a un juego del hockey este fin de semana ?