How fast do chariots travel?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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same speed as the horses pulling them, which is slower than a horse alone, try 30mph

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Q: How fast do chariots travel?
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How fast did Greek chariots go?

They travel to the speed of light? to it? and where exactly is the speed of light?

What were most roman chariots made for?

Roman chariots had a duel purpose. Chariot racing was a big sport in ancient Rome, thus chariots were made for the purpose of racing. The military had use for chariots to travel to various destinations in the empire.

Why were Roman chariots made?

Roman chariots were made for various reasons. Racing chariots were made to race as a form of entertainment for the people, whereas military chariots were made to be used in battle. Some chariots were made for the emperors staff to travel in.

How long will it take to travel from Ethiopia to Jerusalem by chariots?

Aprox 75 days

How did people in travel in Greece?

They mostly used chariots if they were royalty. Other wise they had to walk.

How fast do Roman chariots go?

A Roman chariot will only go as fast as its horse(s) can run; usually this means around 30mph.

How fast can horse-drawn chariots in the ancient times travel?

I was actually just wondering the same thing! I read in a sermon online that they travelled at around 3-4 miles per hour. But that seems a bit slow to me perhaps...

How does a flea travel so fast 7.1?

how does a flea travel so fast

Some fast do light rays travel?

Yes, they travel some fast!

What is the difference between war chariots and racing chariots?

War chariots have more armored protection than racing chariots

What do chariots represent prophetically?

Chariots, especially chariots of fire, represent the sun god.

Why were chariots important?

because it helped people like the Romans and the egyptians travel places faster but also it help them fight wars