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Q: How do you use Torch Light in G'five U969?
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How do you use light in space?

use a torch

What happens when you use a flashlight in outer space?

The currents flow through the torch and we get light from the torch

Can you use the word light in a sentence?

We will need a torch to light our way.

How do you light up the lighthouse on ghost story island?

you pick up the torch and light the torch then you use it to see in the light house if my answer is wrong correct me

What is different about the final Olympic torch bearer?

The final Olympic torch bearer will use the torch to light the cauldron at the Olympic venue.

Why do Columbia pictures use a woman with a torch?

The Columbia pictures logo is a woman holding a light literally not a torch. There is no meaning of the light being held.

How do you light a torch in Achievement Unlocked 3?

with your torch in your inventory, make sure it is showing in your "use" window in the bottom left of your screen. Press Y to light your hand torch. To light torches standing alone in the game (such as inside the caves in the Tundra area) hold down R with your torch lit standing next to the torch you are trying to light and press A.

Which source of energy does a torch use?

A torch typically uses chemical energy stored in batteries to produce light. The batteries in the torch provide electrical energy that powers the light bulb or LED to produce the illumination.

Why people invented a torch?

It is a source of light. BTW "torch" is the word used in Britain (and a few other countries) for what Americans call a "flashlight".

Can magnet stop working torch?

No, a magnet should not stop a torch from working. Torches typically use batteries to power the light, and magnets do not interfere with the electrical circuit in a torch.

How do you light tnt in minecraft?

You Need to use an torch then right click the TNT

What is pitchers and torches?

pitchers are jars that people use to use to hold their what a torch is a light carried by hand.