How do you order custom medals?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Now you can design your own custom medallions! Add your school logo or mascot. Include the team colors and a special message. Your custom medal can feature color enamel detail to best represent the logo or artwork. If you would prefer, artists can help you to create your own custom shapes and sizes or use one of the standard medals with your very own custom insert. There are two different types of custom medals available, diecast medals and insert medals. Diecast Medals are custom shaped and molded to your design. All sizes and shapes are available and can be classically finished or decorated with color enamel. This process takes about 3 to 4 weeks to produce. Insert medals can be completed in as little as 7 days. For insert medallions, the design or logo is printed on heavy coated print stock and affixed to a diecast medallion. There are over 20 different insert medallion styles to choose from. The custom medals are available in gold, silver or bronze, with either a polished or antique finish. You can have your custom insert medallions delivered to your door in as fast as 2 weeks or a diecast medal in only 4-5 weeks. Any custom medal order also comes with free colored neck ribbons. There are a wide variety of solid colors or you can have your name or logo imprinted on your own special ribbon. Furthermore, you can add a personalized engraving to the back of the medal. All of this can be presented and protected in an exclusive presentation case that holds medals up to 3" in size. These custom trophies, awards and medals of your own design are available with fast delivery and low cost. A custom medallion is the best way to recognize and reward any type of achievement. It's a keepsake that will last a lifetime and the possibilities are endless

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Q: How do you order custom medals?
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