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Q: How do we know about the olympic games which happened 2000 years ago?
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Has the olympic games ever been hosted in the southern hemisphere?

there have been nine teen terrific and unexpecting games. Hope you enjoy this years Olympic games.

Something special that happened in sydney in the year 2000?

sydney hosted the olympic games in 2000

When were the Olympic games in 2000?

The 2000 Summer Olympic Games were held September 15 through October 1, 2000 in Sydney, Australia.

How do you think we know so much about the olympic games which happened well over 2000 years ago?

Because of books and records, saved from that time and maybe even traces that archaeologist found.

Where is the location of olympic 2000 games?

The 2000 Summer Games were in Sydney, Australia.

Where and when in Australia was the last Olympic Games?

The last Olympic Games held in Australia were in Sydney in 2000.

What are facts about Ian Thorpe?

He has won gold medels in the Olympic games in 2000 games and 2004 Olympic games.

When were the olympic games in Sydney?


Where was the 2000 Olympic games opening ceremony held?

Olympic Stadium in Sydney on September 15, 2000.

Which country won the 2000 Olympic?

The 2000 Olympic games were held in Sydney, Australia

How many years has luge been in the winter olympic games?

the luge has been in the winter olympics since 2000

When Trampolining introduced olympic games?

2000 Sydney Games.