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An Olympic curling game is separated into 10 rounds called "ends." An end is complete when all 16 stones (8 for each team) have come to rest. The score for that end is then taken. Whichever team is closest to the center of the house (the scoring area that looks like a target) scores. The amount of points they get is equal to the number of stones they have that are closer to the center than the opponent's closest. A couple of examples: if red has 3 stones in the house and yellow has none, then red scores 3. If red has 5 stones in the house--one of them being the closest--but yellow has a stone that is closer than 4 of the red stones, then red only scores 1.

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Curling is not a judged sport. A team wins by getting for points than the other team. You get points by getting your rocks closest to the button in the house.

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Q: How are points awarded in Olympic curling?
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