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No. Never. And never will.

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Q: Has Indonesia been a host of the Olympics?
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Which city will host the 2208 Olympics?

A host city for the 2208 Olympics has not been announced. As of 2010, only the next two host cities have been announced: London will host the Games in 2012, and Rio will host the Games in 2016.

Who will host the olympic games after brazill?

The 2018 Winter Olympics were granted to PyongChang, South Korea. A host for the 2020 Summer Olympics has not yet been chosen.

Why has Africa not been considered in the past to host the summer Olympics?

because they are already tan and so the white should host the summer Olympics so they will be tan

When did Auckland host the Olympics?

Auckland did not host the Olympics

What city has been selected to host the Olympics 4 times?


Did Kenya host the Olympics?

No, Kenya has not hosted the Olympics. The country has not yet been chosen as a host for the Olympic Games.

Which city has been elected to host the Olympics games 2012?

London, England.

Has netball been on the 2012 Olympics?

No, London Oympics didnot host Netball.

What day will the 2018 winter Olympics take place?

The host country for the 2018 Winter Olympics has not yet been decided.

Are Jamaica going to host the Olympics?

No. Jamaica is not going to host the Olympics.

What country will host 2020 Olympics?

The candidates for the summer Olympics 2020 are:Either Istanbul (in Turkey),Tokyo (in Japan),Or Madrid (in Spain).There have been rumours that the USA or Canada will host, but that is not true.

Who was the host for the 2012 Olympics?

London was the host city for the 2012 Summer Olympics.