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Yes, but rarely.

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Q: Does Vancouver British Columbia get lightning storms?
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When was Waneta Storms born?

Waneta Storms was born on November 25, 1968, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

How are dust storms and lightning storms similar?

they both make echos

What could lightning storms do?

Its not about what it does, it's about how it does it.

What are thunderstorms similar to?

lightning storms

Which state has the worst lightning storms?


Are thunder and lightning snow storms normal?

No, thunder and lightning are typically associated with warm weather storms. Snow storms do not usually produce thunder and lightning because the conditions needed for these phenomena are different. Thunder and lightning occur when there is unstable air and strong updrafts, which are not common in snow storms.

What type of weather pattern created wildfires?

Lightning - either storms or heat lightning.

Where does lightning occur mostly?

Lightning will show up in lightning storms. Lightning storms usually occur in summer or warm places. The bolts will travel the shortest path they can so make sure you aren't near or are the tallest object around!

Where have lightning storms occurred?

every where including my bum

Did Zeus make thunder in storms?

In Greek mythology, Zeus, the god of thunder and lightning, was believed to wield the power to create thunder during storms. It was believed that the sound of thunder was created when Zeus threw his lightning bolts from the sky.

Is there lightning in the Jungle?

Thunderstorms are common in tropical rainforests, and the intensity of the lightning storms there can be very high.

Why were the pioneers often the target of lightning during storms?

they were the of lightning because they were the tallest thing on the prairie