Can you skate ski with classic skis?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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Yes classic skis work fine if you rnot really serious about it but skate skiis work better

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Q: Can you skate ski with classic skis?
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What kind of skis do biathlon athlestes wear?

Biathletes wear a form of cross country ski called a skate ski.

Why skier use special type of skis for skating?

Cross-country touring skis are longer, wider and more limber than skating skis, and the edges are different because tourers push off from the part of the ski under their boot and skaters dig in the edge. It would be very awkward to skate on a touring ski, and equally awkward to tour on a skating ski.

Can you write the plural of ski as ski's and be correct?

No. Apostrophes are almost never used to form a plural.The spelling ski's is a possessive noun, e.g.He has to be careful of his left ski's position on the last turn.His right ski's color is black and his left ski's color is white.

Is skis a irregular plural noun?

No, the plural form skis is a regular plural for the singular noun ski. A regular plural is a noun to which an -s or an -es is added to form the plural. An irregular plural is plurals formed in some other way.

If a word ends in ski what is the plural form?

The plural form for the noun ski, or any noun ending with -ski, is skis (-skis).

What is the average size of a ski for a grown male?

Normal classic skis should be about 25 cm higher than your body height.

What effect does ski wax do on skis and what force does it reduce?

Ski wax lets the skis glide over snow.

How ski is played?

you put skis on your feet, on a ski slope and you ski down it.

What do you ski on?

You can snow ski or water ski, but you are always ON the same thing- skis!

What is the plural of ski?


What do you do in the winter that rhymes with me?

It is to skate.

What do use for skiing?

you use skis to ski on snow and when you do ski jumping