Can miniature medals be worn on a suit?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Q: Can miniature medals be worn on a suit?
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Is it appropriate to wear miniature military medals on civilian black tie attire tuxedo?

Military medals and insignia that you have earned are entirely appropriate for a black or white tie event when wearing a tuxedo or a dinner jacket. Wear them the same way you would for the corresponding military uniform - that is "mess dress" or "dinner dress." This generally means miniature medals and devices over the lapel of the jacket. Ribbons for which there is no medal, and and large medals should only be worn with the military uniforms.

Can a retired officer were miniature medals on a civilian tux?

Yes they can.

Can miniature medals be worn on army dress blues?

The following answer pertains only to the Army dress blue uniform, NOT the new Army Service Uniform (ASU).From AR 670-1 (3 February 2005, the most recent revision): Chapter 29, paragraph 9, section (c)(1): "Male personnel. Miniature medals are worn centered on the left lapel, approximately ½ inch below the notch of the mess and evening mess uniforms, and will not extend beyond the edge of the lapel. Personnel may adjust placement of the medals to accommodate the wear of dress miniature badges (see fig 29-7 ). Personnel will wear miniature medals on the Army blue and white uniforms only when these uniforms are worn as formal dress uniforms (with bow tie). When worn on the blue and white uniforms, the miniature medals are worn above the left breast pocket in the same position as full-size medals (see fig 29-4 ). (See para 29-17 c for wear of dress miniature badges with miniature medals on the blue and white uniforms.)"On the Dress Blue Uniform, mini medals go in the same location as you would wear Full-Sized medals. Just ditch the unit awards and Driver's Badge, and only wear miniature badges (jump wings, SF/Ranger tabs, etc). Of course, this is only for formal events (where you trade out the straight necktie for a bowtie) after 1800. The Blue Dress Uniform is often confused with the Blue Mess Uniform. The Blue Mess Uniform is a short jacket, never uses full-size medals, and has the miniature medals on the lapel.BTW, mini medals are much, MUCH lighter than wearing 12 full-size medals especially when you have to carry your cell phone and wallet in your jacket pockets.So, yes, even when some Sergeant Major tells you you can't, and even if you're the only one at the Dining In that does it, current Army Regulations DO allow you to wear miniature medals with the formal Army Blue Uniform after retreat.Edit about five minutes later: OK, on second thought, if your Sergeant Major tells you it's full-sized or ribbons only on Dress Blues, that's his prerogative. Local leaders can always implement a stricter standard than the regulation. Go with the guidance given by your Sergeant Major, or Commander, or Squad Leader or whatever. But if your CSM (Cdr/PL/Battle Buddy) isn't sure what the reg says, it's in AR 670-1, Chapter 29, paragraphs 9 and 17. If you're less of a smartass than I am, and can do it tactfully, CSMs love a soldier or NCO that can cite regs.

Where can one buy miniature medals?

Miniature medals may be purchased at novelty shops or military apparel shops depending on what one's need is. The Ribbon Rack sells the former while USA Military Medals and Military Vets Px sells the latter.

Why are medals worn on left side of jacket?

They are worn over the heart. It is an ancient custom.

What unit awards can be worn on the army dress blues?

The short answer: With a few exceptions, almost any award or badge that can be worn on the Army Class A "greens" may be worn on dress blues. On the Army male Dress Blue Uniform one may wear ribbons, full-sized medals, or miniature medals over the left breast pocket. However the miniature medals may only be worn with a bow tie. Special skill (such as airborne wings) and marksmanship badges are also worn on the left side above or below ribbons, though when wearing fullsize medals on dress blues drivers and mechanics badges may not be worn nor may any special skills badges or marksman ship badges be worn beneath full-size medals on the pocket flap of Army male dress blues. For the full answer see Army Regulation 670-1 for wear of uniforms Chapter 20 is male dress blue uniform and chapter 21 is for females. AR 670-1 is available as PDF here: also as HTML here:

When wearing a dinner jacket to a formal event where should medals be worn?

US Military Medals should be worn on the left breast of the wearer, in proper order of precedence.

What were World War 2 Battle Stars?

A service star (Battle Star) is a miniature metal device worn by members of the uniformed services on medals and ribbons issued by the uniformed services of the United States to denote additional awards or periods of service .

What is the difference between a sport jacket and a suit jacket?

Difference between a suit coat and a sports coat is that a suit coat is part of a suit and a sport coat is sold separately and is worn with a variety of bottoms. The suit coat is usually worn with the trousers that match it, as a suit.

What is the correct placement for medals and ribbons on dress whites?

Ribbons and medals are worn on the jumper or service coat on dress white. When worn together they are worn such that the ribbons are arranged row-wise, inbound to outbound based on precedence order.

What is a bathing suit?

A bathing suit is a tight-fitting garment worn for swimming, especially a one-piece garment as worn by women and girls.

Why are medals worn on the left?

Individual awards are worn on the left side; unit and foreign awards on the right.