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Yes, Cullen Jones.

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Q: Are there any black swimmers on the US Olympic team?
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Are On a swim team are there any captains?

Not on any teams that i have been on. there are coaches and/or swimmers.

Did Olympic team fron Albania won any medales at the Olympic games in Beijin?


Why do olympic swimmers wear special suits?

beacuse they are tight and the tightness to their skin doesnt create any drag that would slow them down

What Olympic Team did Wayne Gretzky Coach?

He didn't coach any team. He was the general manager of sorts and assembled both the 2002 Olympic Canadian men's ice hockey team and the 2006 Olympic Canadian men's ice hockey team.

Where there any team sports in the Ancient Olympic games?


Is A team of swimmers correct as collective noun?

Yes, the noun team can function as a collective noun for swimmers.Collective nouns are an informal part of language. Any noun that suits the context can function as a collective noun.The standard collective nouns for the noun 'swimmers' are:a raft of swimmersa league of long distance swimmers

How many olympic gold medals have the UK gymnastics team won in 2012?

As of today, August 8th, the UK gymnastics team has not won any olympic gold medals.

Are there any celebrities who have scoliosis?

There are many celebrities with scoliosis, from olympic swimmers, actors, actresses and even royalty, I have added a link to my celebrity scoliosis page for you to see, if I am missing any, please let me know

Does Nicaragua has an Olympic team?

Nicaragua does have a team, unfortunately they have not medal in any games. The closes they have come to a medal is in 1988, or 1992 when the baseball team came in 4th.

Who is the best olympic basketball team?

usa bcuz well stomp on any other country

What color is not on the flag of any country?

The colours which ARE on the Olympic flag are Red Blue Green Yellow and Black on a White background. Any other colours than these are not on the Olympic flag.

What winter Olympic games are team sports?

Any sport that requires more than one player.