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800 meters, or about .5 miles.

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Q: A runner races 800 around a circular track what distance does he cover?
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How much distance does the runner cover in 16 minutes?

Suppose a runner covers a distance of 5322 feet in a 6 minutes and 11,531 feet in 13 minutes. So how much distance does the runner cover in 16 minutes?

What is the average momentum of a kg runner who covers a distance of M in A seconds?

The average momentum of a runner can be calculated by dividing the mass (in kg) of the runner by the time taken to cover the distance (in seconds). This gives the average momentum of the runner during that time period.

What equipment to used to find the speed of a runner?

To find the speed of a runner, you can use a stopwatch to time how long it takes the runner to cover a set distance, such as a track or a specific stretch of a road. You can then calculate the speed by dividing the distance by the time taken. Another option is to use a speed radar gun, which measures the speed of the runner as they move.

During which interval is the runners average speed the greatest?

The runner's average speed is greatest when they cover the most distance in the least amount of time. Therefore, the average speed is greatest when the slope of the distance-time graph is steepest.

What is the font used for the cover of the movie Unstoppable?

Blade Runner

Two runners start simultaneously at opposite ends of a 200 m track and run towards each other Runner A runs at a steady 9.0 m s while Runner B runs at a constant 5.0 m s When and where will they meet?

They will meet after 40 seconds (since they cover a total of 200 m) and at a distance of 180 m from Runner A's starting point (since Runner A is faster).

Do taller-people run faster than shorter people?

Yes and no. A tall person will be able to cover more distance with each step, but it will require more power as they have more to move; meaning the tall person may be better in the short-run, but they may tire quicker than the short runner. I'll say yes because the taller runner's legs are longer than the shorter runner,which cause the taller runner to take bigger steps than the shorter runner.

You're at the scene of a training accident and your Wingman is available to assist you in moving a victim The victim is conscious and you have a significant distance to cover What is the prefe?

Remove victim from danger, Stabilize the victim, Call or send runner for medevac.

How do you remove rear differential cover on 2001 Toyota 4 runner?

you can't.

Why speed changes on earth rotation from latitude?

At different latitudes, the speed of Earth's rotation changes due to the varying distance from the planet's axis of rotation to that latitude. Near the poles, Earth's rotation speed is slower since those points have a smaller circular path to complete in 24 hours. Near the equator, the rotation speed is faster since the points there have to cover a larger circular distance in the same time period.

What part of an atom determines its size?

the distance from its nuclei and the atomic radius

How do you do distance in mathamatical form?

Distance=speed*Time (taken to cover that distance)