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Michael Jordan

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Q: Which athlete retired the most times?
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Which Australian athlete has competed in at least 4 Olympics?

There are five Australian athletes who have competed in the Olympics more than four times. They are Andrew Hoy, who has won four medals in Equestrian; Colin Coates, a retired speed skater with no medals; Colin Beashel, a retired sailing athlete with one medal; Russel Mark, a shooting athlete with two medals, and James Tomkins, a retired rowing athlete with four medals.

Which retired athlete scored the most points in the NBA?

Kareem Abdul-Jabar (born Lew Alcindor)

Who is Joanne Mersh?

Joanne Mersh is an athlete that retired in2008

What events is Dame Kelly Holmes competing in?

Nothing, she is a RETIRED athlete.

Which athlete retired from basketball in 1994 to play baseball with the Birmingham Barons?

Michael Jordan

What athlete has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated 31 times?

Michael Jordan. He has been on the cover 31 times as of October 29, 2010. He has been on the cover more than any other athlete. The exception would be Mohammad Ali, who was on the cover 37 times. But them Ali has been retired since the 70s, and Jordan is the king of the modern sports era.

Is there a Famous athlete whose last name starts with L?

Eric Lindros......NHL....recently retired

Who is the most popular athlete in India?


Who is the most popular athlete in 2008?

Tiger Woods is the most popular athlete in 2008.

What year did Michael Jordan leave Nike?

He never left Nike, behind probably Tiger Woods, he brings Nike the most income for a single athlete that is a Nike Athlete. Although he retired, his Jordan lines continue to be a hot commodity throughout the Basketball world.

What do you do if you are a athlete?

If your an athlete you can do many sports but it is most associated with running.

How many times does an athlete breathe in and out in a day?

23000 times!

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