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How long does it take for the solar system to make one orbit around the Milky Way galactic center

What layer of the sun moves heat from the radiative layer to the photosphere

Which of these determines the intensity of a volcano

During earthquakes which type of fault results when one plate is compressed up onto another plate

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Q: What one team has won the most NBA championships?
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How do you measure the air pressure in an NBA basketball?

use the air measurer. you can buy one at any meachani

What is the scale factor of the sun's diameter to an NBA basketball's diameter?

The Sun is about 1,390,000 kilometers in diameter. The NBA basketball is about 0.238506 meters in diamter. The scale factor is about 1,390,000,000 to 0.238506, or about 5,827,945,628 to 1 or about 5.8 billion to one.

What is the most famous baseball team in the world?

i think that Manchester United are the most famous sports team in the world, NY Yankees is only known around Europe as of the baseball caps, know-one watches baseball in Europe. I think that NY Giants are the third most famous team in the world following Manchester United and NY Yankees. Manchester United is known all around the world. Being a United fan and coming from Manchester I can see that everyone supports them in Manchester apart from the occasional Manchester City fan. They are by for the most supported and famous club.

How can one contact the AA recruitment team?

There are a lot of ways in order for one to contact to the AA recruitment team. However, one might want to check out the AA recruitment team via Facebook or Twitter, or even call for the AA Helpdesk on 0800 169 9202.

How many times did Micheal schumacher win F1 gp?

Michael Schumacher has won the most F1 drivers championships for a driver. He won it twice with Bennetton in 1994 & 95. And then five times with Ferrari 2000-2004. Schumacher holds many records in Formula One, including most race victories, fastest laps, pole positions, points scored and most races won in a single season.

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