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Q: How much did Arsenal buy Francesc Fabregas FOR?
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How much did arsenal buy anelka for?

500k compensation payment

What is cesc faregas weekly wage?

According to this article from "News of the World" Francesc "Cesc" Fabregas is currently being paid 90,000 pounds/week. "Rob Shepherd writes in the News of the World this morning: "Fabregas, 22, is tied to the Gunners until 2014 - but despite coining £90,000-a-week his salary is nowhere near the top Premier League earners. The Spanish midfield ace has shown loyalty to the Gunners during the past couple of years when Barca, Real Madrid and AC Milan have shown interest." As Fabregas is a good player for Arsenal and Barcelona are keen to buy him , he isnow getting a weekly salary of 80,000 pounds a week.

Which arsenal or Liverpool better?

Arsenal are the better sode overall.When you look at Liverpool you see two names,Gerrard and Torres,the other 9 are decent players at best. At Arsenal you see names like Van Persie,Arshavin,Fabregas,Gallas,Clichy,now Vermaelan has proven to be yet another great buy from Mr.Wenger,there is also the fact that Arsenal are among the richest clubs in the league,Whereas Liverpool are broke!

How much did Arsenal buy Silvestre for from Manchester United?

Arsenal bought Silvestre from Manchester United for £750,000 in the 2008 Summer Transfer Window.

Did arsenal buy ronaldo?


Where arsenal buy Lehmann?

Arsenal Purchased Jens From Borussia Dortmund

Buy arsenal tickets?

pre-order arsenal tickets on They are expensive!

Can people who are not members buy arsenal tickets?

no they can not.

Where did arsenal buy theo walcott?


Who did arsenal buy bergkamp from?

Inter Milan

Where can you buy the latest Arsenal away shirt?

You can buy the latest arsenal away shirt from most sport shops, or online shops such as Ebay, or

Will arsenal sign a new goalkeeper in January?

Arsenal will not buy a new Goalkeeper because Szscesny is quality!

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