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Q: Who discovered swing bowling?
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How do you take wickets with swing bowling?

by frustrating the batsman with my swing and variations

When was bowling discovered?

it was discovered in the 1930's

Who discovered reverse swing?


Who discovered a bowling ball and nine bowling pins in an ancient Egyptian tomb?

stupid people

How is the master of swinger?

Wasim Akram wasim akram from pakistan was the master of swing bowling

How do you swing a cricket ball without any shine like wasim akram?

by bowling a new ball in dream,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

What is reverse swing in fast bowling in cricket?

Normal swing occurs mostly when the ball is new. As it wears more, it is more difficult to extract a large amount of swing. When the ball becomes very old it begins to swing towards the shine. This is known as reverse swing- which means a natural outswinger will become an inswinger and conversely, an inswinger into an outswinger.

How do you start learning bowling?

Its really easy actually you can take classes or just have oyur friends help you out. classes probly would be a wast of money and time. just stay of the bowling lane(stay behind the foul line) swing bak ur arm and them swing bak ur arm and let the ball go.

What are the rules and regulation in bowling?

There is a very high number of bowling rules, for a list of these rules one can visit the Unites States Bowling Congress website and locate the rules there. is the name of the website.

How can you correct your swing if the majority of your bowling pitches go into the right gutter?

What I would do is move more to the left and then try, also try straighting out your shoulders more and try swinging straight. Hope that helped in anyway (I do bowling myself)

What is the most important thing discovered by Galileo about pendulums?

That each swing takes the same amount of time.

Information on the inventor of bowling and his life history?

Bowling is thought to have been invented in 3,200 BC. However, his date is highly-speculated. What is known is that it was a popular sport during the time of King Henry VIII. Bowling cannot be listed as being invented by one person although the first signs of bowling were discovered by Sir Flinders Petrie, a British anthropologist in 1930.