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Recurve bows.

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Q: What kind of bows do Olympic archers use?
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What superheroes use bows?

Some superheroes who use bows include Green Arrow, Hawkeye, and Katniss Everdeen from "The Hunger Games." These characters are skilled archers who use their bows and arrows as their primary weapons in combat.

Which Olympic sport do you use bows and arrows?


What did archers at the ancient Olympic Games use as targets?

plates and armor

Did ancient Greeks use bows and arrows?

The Greeks did use archers, but they weren't part of the phalanx, which relied on interlocking shields. If archers were in use, they would be located well behind the phalanx formation.

What kind of weapons did the Cherokee tribe use?


Do people still use arrows?

Yes they do. There are many Archery Clubs throughout the world. Some use Long Bows and others use Cross bows. I believe Archery may even be an Olympic sport.

What brand bows does the us olympic team use?

The members of the usa archery team use a hoyt prototype recurve bow

What kind of powder do you use on violin bows and baseballs?

Its called Rossin.

What kind of weapons did the jumanos Indians use to kill animals?

bows and arrows.

What kind of bow is used in the Olympics for women archers?

the type of bow that the women use in the olympics is recurve

What kind of weapons did the Athenians use?

mainly spears used a lances. They also carried swords, and had archers in support.

What is Traditional Archery?

Traditional archery to most is the use of a bow without mechanical aids. Aids being wheels to let off weight, sights, stabilizers, etc. To some, it is using nothing that is not self made. Longbows, recurves, and self bows are form of traditonal bows. Some trad archers use cedar, birch, rivercane, or bamboo arrows.