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Q: What is the maximum handicap for a junior golfer aged 13?
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What is the maximum handicap for a junior golfer aged 10?

Depends on the club you play at really, at my club 90 is the maximum.

What age is a junior drum set for?

For children aged 5-10

How old do you have to be to play world junior hockey in Canada?

World Junior hockey features players aged 16 to 18.

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Can anyone tell me what could cause an enlarged spleen and liver in a Junior female dog aged 6months?

How do you say juniors in Korean?

Juniors(teenagers) - 청소년들 [Cheng Saw Nyen Dle] ->The plural. Junior(teenager) - 청소년 [Cheng Saw Nyen] ->The singular. <<s - 들 (in Korean, 들 is used for the plural at the end of a word.)>> Junior(elementary[primary] schoolchild; aged 8~13) - 초등학생 [Cho Dng Hak Saeng] Junior(middle school student; aged 14~16) - 중학생 [Joong Hak Saeng] Junior(High school student; aged 17~19) - 고등학생 [Gho Dng Hak Saeng]

Is there a golf set specifically designed to work for school aged children?

The Confidence Junior Golf Club Set is great for young school aged children and will last for a good amount of time.

What is Tregelles?

Tregelles is a school. It is the The Mount junior school and is situated in York. Girls and boys aged three to eleven can go there.

What date did Tiger Woods became a professional golfer?

'Tiger' Woods turned pro in late summer 1996 aged 20His real name is Eldrick Tont Woods

What cricket bat size is hs?

Junior's bat are of Size H. Means under aged players can use this size of Bat

How many junior soccer players are there in the world?

It is estimated that during the beginning of 2012 there were over 4.3bn Junior Soccer players in the World aged between 5-13yrs. There are around 2m in the UK alone today.

What is the age range of the Woodlands Junior School in Kent?

Woodlands Junior School focuses primarily on primary aged students, or juniors, as the name states. Which stands for every kid between 6 and 12 years old.

Maximum Working hours for people aged 16-17 years old?

40 hours p/week