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every jennings buckmaster 2000 bow that I have read about has a 78% let off

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Q: What is the let off of a jennings buckmaster 2000 compound bow?
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How many feet per second does a jennings buckmaster 2000 compound bow shoot?

It depends on the draw weight of the bow, and the weight of arrow you use

When was the jennings buckmaster bow made?


I am looking for some specs on the Jennings buckmaster 2000 bow and are these bows still made?

No the Jennings Buckmaster 2000 bow are no longer made but specs and tips on these bows are available from Bear Archery tech support and some answers concerning specs can be had on certain archery forums like Team Natural Outdoors and Archery Talk!

Who made the Jenning's Buckmaster bow?

Same company that makes BEAR. Escalade Sports owns both "Jennings" and "Bear".

What is the value of jennings compound bow?

what would be a good price for a Jennings compound bow name is arrow star

What is the axle to axle height on a Buckmaster 2000?

Hi. . .I just bought a used Jennings Buckmaster bow, and I love it! I've been searching the web for info about these bows, and somewhere (I can't remember where at the moment) I found a chart that lists various specs for several kinds of bows (maybe all Escalade bows, which bought out Bear, Jennings, Golden Eagle, etc.). Anyway, this chart lists an axle-to-axle distance of 39.5" for all Buckmaster 2000 bows, with draw lengths from 27" to 32". That's what mine measures, too.

How much is a pse buckmaster bow worth?

A 2002 used Buckmaster bow in good shape, should sell for under $100.

What kind of arrow should you shoot from your Jennings buckmaster compound bow?

Dude, you can shoot like any arrow as long as its long enough. Just check the pounds of your bow and find arrows that match the poundage. If your hunting with the compound though I would suggest carbon arrows because they hold up better. My favorite to shoot are wooden arrows with legitimate feather fletchings, but there expensive

What is the draw weight on a jennings shooting star compound bow?


How much is a buckmaster bow worth?

250 used

What is the speed rating for a 70 lb jennings buckmasters 2000 bow?


What is the value of a jennings unistar compound bow?

Depending on condition, anywhere between $80.00 to $200